WIA jumps the gun on 2 x 1

RASA notes that the WIA have taken it upon themselves to devise an implementation methodology for 2 x 1 contest callsigns.

Whilst it is good to see the WIA finally acknowledging the new callsign block, we are disappointed to note that there is no mention that the 2 x 1 callsign structure was a RASA initiative.

The 2 x 1 callsign structure was originally developed by a cross sector committee convened by RASA.  This committee comprised a broad cross section of contesters from across Australia – including members from RASA, the WIA, the VK Contest Club and a number of other clubs.

The committee worked collaboratively to research and develop policies that were balanced and practical.  There was no partisanship with any representative body.  In fact, the terms of reference excluded any specific requirements to align with a club or association.

Why are the WIA proposing a bespoke system outside of normal callsign administration processes?  Like all other callsigns, the WIA has no role to play in the rules, application, or validation processes for 2 x 1 callsigns.

Why has the WIA acted in isolation? They know full well that the RASA committee undertook a detailed analysis of how best to establish rules for 2 x 1 callsigns.  Indeed, it was RASA’s knowledge and leadership that resulted in a successful proposal for 2 x 1 contest callsigns.

This WIA spin and arrogance must stop – for the good of the hobby.  2 x 1 callsigns are a major breakthrough for contesters, yet the WIA churlishly refuse to acknowledge RASA’s leadership in these new callsign arrangements.  Their behaviour also illustrates a lack of respect for the work done by their own members in bringing these callsigns to fruition.

RASA will continue to seek cooperation with the WIA for the good of the hobby.

We understand the AMC are now working on implementing procedures and these callsigns should be available in the near future.

RASA have asked the AMC for comment on the WIA’s proposed implementation strategy.

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