At the start of 2018, five Amateurs met and discussed how to revitalise the hobby.  The Radio Amateur Society of Australia was formed.  A plan was crafted, a constitution prepared and funds expended. RASA became a functional, registered, not-for-profit national body.

Key Achievements in 2020/1

  • Successful negotiation with ACMA for 2*1 Contest Callsigns
  • Evidence based, professional proposals to ACMA
  • QRM Guru – reducing/eliminating QRM – on-the-ground help for amateurs – free
  • Club visits – 14 clubs across 5 states
  • Welcome to Amateur Radio Guidebook for newcomers – free
  • QTC e-Magazine – free
  • simple guide to regulations for amateurs
  • Donations of ten QRM Club Kill Kits to clubs (value $1,600)
  • Donations and support for events: Antennapalooza, ILLW, OCDX Contest
  • Membership up 49%
  • Responsible financial management with a $900 surplus

The details….

Representation – Privileges

  • Lobbying and successful negotiation of 2*1 Contest Callsigns
  • Initiated and lead review of VK Band Plan updates with WIA to better accommodate digital modes
  • Other key representation to ACMA:
    • Evidence based, professional proposal for 60m
    • Proposal for 1kW – Tailored to meet ACMA feedback, addresses RFI and human health issues
    • Lobbying for Standard Licencees to have access to the full 50-54MHz band
    • Lobbying for Foundation Licencees to have access to Digital Modes
    • Lobbying for Foundation Licencees ability to construct equipment

Engagement with club & amateurs

  • Visited 14 clubs across 5 states in 2019 (prior to Covid-19 lockdowns)
  • Conducting Zoom meetings for clubs
  • E-bulletin “QTC-Lite” sent to 125 clubs every fortnight with important news and updates

QRM Guru website

  • Now an international resource – referenced internationally by clubs and societies
  • Web site activity – 40k visitors, 130k unique page visits from over 80 countries 
  • 13 YouTube videos from the QRM Guru team
  • 17 Case Studies from the field
  • Online email support – over 30 individual amateurs supported
  • QRM Kill kits – over 100 kits sold
  • Informal support and endorsement from ACMA inspectors

RASA website

  • Approximately 150,000 visits over the last 12 months
  • Informative articles on regulations, representation and current issues
  • ACMA Lobbying information
  • AR News and links
  • Useful frequency lookup chart

vkregs website

  • On-line regs reference
  • Also available as a .pdf handbook for download
  • Joint publication of RASA and the Radio and Electronics School (RES).


  • Welcome to AR Guidebook downloaded 1,400 times
  • QTC-Lite e-bulletins – every 2 weeks to over 500 recipients and 120 clubs
  • Podcast every 2 weeks

QTC e-Magazine – 5,100 downloads – average of 2,600 per edition

Amateur Radio Tech Support Portal

On the Air

  • WSPR Transmitter VK2RAS
  • Reverse Beacon Node VK2RAS

RASA is working hard to represent the interests of all Amateurs, both members and non-members, but your membership is an important part of giving greater weight to our voice

If you have already joined RASA we thank you for your support.  Membership is $10 per year.  If you would like to make a donation at any time, this too would be appreciated.

As Amateur Radio Operators, being heard from a distance is what we do, so naturally we constantly strive to improve our antennas and equipment.  Please remember that being heard by the regulatory authority which governs us is critical to the hobby.

This is what RASA does. Being heard is important

Join us today