The Radio Amateur Society of Australia is the premier representative body for Amateur Radio in Australia.

We bring effective and innovative approaches to representation.  We recognize that sometimes, the old ways no longer work. 

We have a clearly defined processes for engaging with the ACMA when reporting local RFI/QRM and broader harmful interference issues

We have a track record of engaging with ACMA on matters such as:

  • 2*1 callsigns
  • 60m
  • 1kW
  • Harmful interference from pirates
  • Harmful interference from local RFI/QRM

Our objectives are to:

  • provide evidence based research and strategic direction for issues related to Amateur Radio;
  • promote Amateur Radio and its role in facilitating emerging communication technologies;
  • educate and encourage the next generation of Radio Amateurs; and
  • lobby the regulator in order to protect and enhance the privileges of Australian Radio Amateurs.

Demystifying radio spectrum management

Many of the issues around radio spectrum management and interference resolution are not well understood by amateurs.

We have published articles explaining how the system works and what we, as amateurs, can do to advance our hobby and safeguard our bands.

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