A brief synopsis

In April 2018, RASA formally adopted a variation of ‘Model Rules’ and became an Incorporated Association in the state of Victoria.  We also registered with ASIC as a National Body, which gave our organisation legal status in all Australian states.

RASA is not a company, it is an Incorporated Association that is bound by a core of fixed rules and of some variations that were added of necessity.

Our Management Team is made up of a committee bound by these rules.

This synopsis is not comprehensive, so for details please read the full document, available at the link below.

Like all association rules, it is a long document and it’s difficult to pull out details without reading the whole thing, which is no small task.

Here we focus on some important details and aspects of where RASA rules vary from ‘Model’ rules.

Why modify the Model rules?

At the outset, it became evident that the model rules of association were a poor fit for RASA as a national body.

Fundamentally, they were designed for small sporting clubs that meet regularly in person.

Had we simply used these rules unchanged, we would have encountered all sorts of regulatory problems very quickly.

RASA is a national body, with a lot of members scattered around the country communicating by email.  Model rules do not accommodate this.

Here are the essential highlights of the RASA rules of Association:

  • RASA Inc. was formally incorporated on April 5, 2018 in the state of Victoria

  • RASA Inc. became an Australian Registered Body on May 8, 2018

  • Its financial year ends on August 31 of each year.

  • Its management team is made up of:


Vice President


General Secretary

Administration Secretary

  • Elections for these positions are conducted early in October of each year, with the first
    major election taking place at the AGM in October 2019.

  • All elections and ballots are conducted electronically via the internet and are held
    in confidence by the designated Returning Officer.

  • Limitations of tenure are built into RASA rules so that the same management position cannot
    be held by the same person for more than four consecutive years, or six
    consecutive years in any position.

  • 30 days before an AGM the Returning Officer calls for nominations for management
    team positions

  • Candidates can supply details of up to 1000 words about themselves as a part of their
    nomination, plus link to external documents if they wish to.

  • Nominations must be received electronically not less than 25 days from the AGM

  • Election ballots are sent electronically to all members 21 days before an AGM

  • Election ballots close 48 hours before the AGM

  • Management Team meetings are typically conducted electronically via conference call or
    internet.  (regularly meeting in person is not practical for an organisation of this type)

  • Members are only required to supply name, callsign (if any), and email address.

  • Member details are held in confidence and are not distributed, but members are free to
    disclose their own membership status to others at their discretion.

  • Upon joining RASA, the first financial renewal date is August 31 of the year
    following the joining year.  (a call for renewal will be issued to members at the beginning of each August)

  • Associate Members and Associate Clubs can be approved by RASA management, but these types
    of membership do not have voting rights in formal decision making.

  • Dispute resolution conditions and processes are all as per model rules of association.

These short form dot points highlight the essential aspects of the RASA organisation, but as stated, full details are outlined in the 28 page RASA Rules of Association document, downloadable here:   full rules of association