Why do we need a second National Body?

Effective and inclusive representation is an important component of any group that represents its members; especially where government regulation is involved.

Sometimes, when there is only one representative group (a monopoly) there is no real accountability or motivation to deliver the best possible outcomes for members.

When considering what effective representation means, we should all think about things like:

  1. What actual results are being achieved for members?
  2. How are members engaged?  Are members being heard?
  3. How often does it communicate and is the communication meaningful?
  4. Does it address the needs and concerns of its members?
  5. When you send comments, complaints or questions, does your representative body respond in a timely and helpful manner?

There are many examples of poor representation in areas like Local Government, national hobby groups and some professional representative groups.

RASA was formed with the specific purpose of improving representation, awareness and education of Amateur Radio in Australia.  We believe that a complimentary national body can only be good for the hobby.   When honest collaboration between representative bodies does occur, it sends an even stronger message to the regulator about what our sector wants and needs more than any single group can deliver.

There are no restrictions on whom government regulators deal with.  Any representative or lobby group can approach the regulator and discuss their member’s interests and concerns.  We believe our goals resonate very well with fellow Australian Amateur Radio enthusiasts.

As a guiding principle, all information services and documents are free – to everyone, whether they are RASA members or not.   Members pay their small annual fee each year because they want to, not because they are denied service or penalised if they don’t.  Many have made small donations above the basic fee.  Such contributions are greatly appreciated and allow us to do more work – for everyone.

We retain an absolute minimum of information about each member – and that information is not shared.   Just your name, email address and Callsign (if you have one).

Effective representation is vital for the future of our hobby.  Our catchphrase has been ‘Being heard is important.’  In Amateur Radio, these words apply in more ways than one.  If you feel strongly about preserving the legacy of the hobby and help steer its future directions, consider joining the RASA management team yourself.

We hope that every Australian Amateur Radio enthusiast will support RASA.

The RASA Team