As those of you who use 40m will know, the lower section of the band suffers from serious, ongoing QRM.

We recently wrote to the new Chairman of IARU Region 3 on this issue.

The text of the letter is reproduced below, and is self-explanatory.



Mr. Wisnu Widjaja YB0AZ


IARU Region 3

 By email

Dear Mr. Widjaja,


Firstly, congratulations on your appointment as Chairman of IARU Region 3.

I write with reference to serious, ongoing interference in the 40 metre band.

Reports to the IARU Monitoring Service over the last ten years contain thousands of observations of intruders in the Amateur Primary allocation of 7000-7100 kHz.

We note there are two types of interference in this segment:

  1. licenced YB amateur radio operators using SSB in the CW segment (below 7060 kHz); and
  2. unidentified stations speaking Indonesian, who mainly operate from 7000-7060 kHz using USB, often in 10 kHz multiples.

These stations are received continuously in Darwin and every afternoon/evening in the remainder of Australia.  They are causing harmful interference to VK amateur stations operating in accordance with IARU and national band plans.

Could you please advise what actions the IARU and the Indonesian amateur radio society are undertaking to address this issue?

RASA has submitted interference reports to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, our radio regulator.  They are investigating.

Please do let me know if RASA may be of assistance.

I look forward to your response in the near future.


G.C. Dunstan VK4DU


25 September 2018


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Wireless Institute of Australia