Hello everyone,

ACMA have issued a discussion paper on the future of amateur exams – here (link).

RASA will be making a submission to ACMA, and we want your feedback.

Some issues to consider:

  • Is the RTO model the most effective way to provide examinations?
  • If we move away from an RTO model, how do we guarantee integrity of the examination process?
  • Should examiners be members of the organisation contracted to deliver exams by ACMA?
  • How do we make exams available to candidates in remote areas?
  • How can we streamline the process and keep costs down?

ACMA have set a deadline of July 2 for comments.

Accordingly, we need your feedback by COB 27 June, please.

Email us at our usual email address:  info AT vkradioamateurs.org

(substitute the normal email @ for AT)



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