The Radio Amateur Society of Australia met with the ACMA on 4 December 2018; read more about the meeting here:

A number of topics were covered, but the one we’re writing to you about is the possibility of a new callsign block, traditionally known as 2*1 callsigns (eg. VK3A, VK2B, VK7F, etc).

The keys points follow:

  • Short “2 x 1 contest calls” are used in many countries;
  • 2 x 1 callsigns to be used by bona fide club stations only for genuine contests (i.e. not for general use);
  • the 26 callsigns available per call area and the restriction to club stations, would provide sufficient callsigns for genuine contest stations in the populous states; and
  • there would be a limit of one 2*1 callsign per club.

It was agreed that RASA would seek input from the AR sector regarding 2 x 1 callsigns, with the view of implementing an update to the callsign template policy in 2019.

Any registered VK club wishing to use a 2*1 callsign for published contest operations (i.e. RD, CQWW, etc) could apply for a 2*1 club callsign.

For this proposal to proceed, feedback from Amateurs around the country is essential.

Please send us an email to with your name, callsign and comments.  If you represent a club, please include details of the club along with the number of members.

We’ll collate the responses, liaise with the ACMA, and report back early in the New Year.