RASA has today received a letter from the WIA claiming that they never agreed to the wording of the joint survey on 3 letter callsigns for Foundation class amateurs. 

They have demanded that all references to their participation be removed.

RASA categorically denies the WIA allegations.

The WIA President, Greg Kelly and I discussed and agreed the wording of the survey and the method of dissemination via telephone calls and emails on the 3rd, the 9th, the 15th, the 17th, the 26th and the 28th of October.

Greg specifically agreed to the wording of the introductory text (he suggested amendments via email, which I incorporated), the use of the WIA logo and the method of dissemination in the phone call on the 26th of October, after which the survey was published.

There would be absolutely no point in publishing a joint survey if the other party did not agree to it.  RASA published the survey in good faith and on the basis of agreement between the two Presidents.

Greg and I discussed the survey on the 28th of October, two days after publication.  He undertook to publish the survey on the WIA website that afternoon.

If, as the WIA claim, there was no agreement, why has it taken them six days to raise the issue with RASA and why didn’t Greg raise it with me in our phone call of the 28th? 

Concerned about the lack of WIA publicity for the survey, I attempted to contact Greg via email on the 30th, phone on the 31st and text message on the 1st of November, to no avail.

Surely, if the WIA vehemently disagreed with the survey, the issue would have been raised immediately after publication?

RASA are very disappointed at the actions of the WIA.  We went ahead with this survey in a spirit of cooperation, for the good of all amateurs. I was pleased that the politics were being put aside. Greg and I developed a good rapport over our numerous calls and emails.

Unfortunately, Greg no longer answers my emails or telephone calls.  I am more than willing to discuss the survey with him at any time he wishes.  He and I both know the truth of the matter…..

Anyway, the good news is that we have had a tremendous response to the survey.

The responses are statistically significant.  They exceed the 99% confidence level and 5% margin of error determined by the survey provider.

We have therefore closed the survey.  Thank you to all who have participated.

We will be announcing the results in the next few days.


Glenn VK4DU


01 November 2019