Joint RASA/WIA survey on 3 letter callsigns for FLs

Foundation Licencees (FL) now have access to digital modes – a great boost for the hobby.  

However, the four letter callsign suffixes used by FL are incompatible with the software used for some very popular digital modes, including FT8, APRS and DSTAR.

The best solution is to reassign FLs a three letter suffix.

WIA President Greg Kelly and I have discussed the issue with ACMA and agreed that we conduct a sector-wide survey to seek your views on one of two preferred solutions.

The survey is also supported by ALARA, AR NSW and AR Vic.

The results of the survey will form the basis of our submission to ACMA.

The two options and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed in the introductory text to the survey – a link to the survey is provided below.

Note that RASA has no preferred option – we will be guided by your views.


Glenn VK4DU