The WIA National News – when did it fall from grace?

Sadly, the long-standing and formerly well regarded WIA National News Service has become known as Radio Moscow by many listeners…  and listener numbers have dropped off significantly in recent years.

The WIA News regularly censors, gaslights and misrepresents news.  Why would they do this?  Who benefits and how is it good for the hobby?

All it does is illustrate a lack of ethics, professionalism, and common decency.  It’s also a breach of the WIA’s own Corporate Ethics Policy.

Example of falsification and/or censorship include:

  • 2×1 contest callsigns
  • QRM Guru
  • VK90ABC Notification & News
  • CW Ops Open Contest notification
  • VK9CM News

Recently at PerthTech the WIA and RASA Presidents did a joint presentation, with one of their topics being bullying and harassment.  Clearly, some of the most senior members of the board, as well as members of the News team do not support the WIA President’s vision for the WIA…  or the hobby. 

An interview was recorded and sent to the WIA News…  who, for some strange reason, modified the recording…changing both the content and key messages.

We note the interviewer (Dan VK6NAD) made these public comments about the WIA News:

“I am beyond livid that the WIA, who claim to be the “trusted news” would alter my interview with the two presidents in order to completely change the message.

Attached is the unaltered interview, in which i was careful not to edit anything that was said by either president. Every word they said is present in order.

I considered my self neutral in this interview, the WIA news has in my opinion deliberately altered its meaning. I strongly suggest members in the upcoming election stamp out this behaviour by completely changing the members of the board up for election whilst returning the president who is trying to work for the betterment of the Amateur community.”

We’ve written to the WIA President asking for an explanation.  Or, maybe he didn’t know this was happening?  It appears there are many inside the WIA who don’t support their President, and his vision to bring leadership, ethical management practices and strategic focus back to the WIA.

It also appears that the WIA news service operate to their own agenda.