ACMA does not regulate the use of 2×1 callsigns

In the ACMA Update (15 November 2022) they confirm that 2×1 Contest Callsigns do not have any regulatory limitations. The sector determines how and when these callsigns may be used.

RASA won this new privilege for Amateur Radio contesters and understands the background and rationale better than any other body. We encourage people to use these new callsigns in any contest; get on air, make some noise and enjoy the benefits of the new callsign privileges.

Below is the relevant sections from the ACMA’s bulletin.

Allocation of 2×1 contest callsigns

We have recently received queries about the allocation and use of 2×1 contest callsigns.

Due to demand within the amateur radio sector for 2×1 callsigns for use in amateur radio contests, we worked with the Australian Maritime College (AMC) to develop administrative arrangements to support the allocation and use of these callsigns.

The arrangements for 2×1 callsigns, as outlined in the October 2021 amateur radio update, are:

  • The AMC manages the allocation of the 2×1 callsigns on behalf of the ACMA.
  • Call signs are allocated in accordance with the callsign template: VK$A-Z, VJ$A-Z and VL$A-Z.
  • Callsigns are:
    • issued exclusively for amateur radio contests
    • limited to amateur radio clubs and holders of an Amateur Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency – Advanced
    • limited to one 2×1 callsign per licensed station – not including repeater or beacon licences
    • allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
    • issued for 12 months.
  • Successful 2×1 callsign applicants are not required to obtain a new licence or vary an existing licence.

There are no direct regulatory controls on the use of 2×1 callsigns. The ACMA’s view remains that most matters relating to call sign management, including 2×1 contest call signs, are not specific regulatory requirements. Instead, they are operational policies or established conventions and practices that we consider are better managed by the amateur radio sector.