ACMA propose fee free class licence for amateur radio

ACMA released a consultation paper this week on proposed changes to the amateur radio service in Australia

There are three options proposed, which range from no change to a fee free class licence.

There are no changes proposed to examinations, licence classes or privileges per class.

Of course, the fee free class licence comes with some strings attached.  ACMA are proposing that an amateur class licence would operate on a no interference, no protection basis.  This means that an amateur station may not be afforded any protection from interference.  Your neighbour’s cheap LED lights could wipe out 40 metres, and ACMA will not be required to take any action.

Other proposed changes are that the Australian Maritime College will directly manage callsign issue, rather than just making a recommendation to ACMA.

ACMA are also proposing a very simplified LCD, with operational issues removed to a separate document to be managed by the amateur sector.

Here at RASA we are working on an interim response to the ACMA consultation paper.  We will publish the response and call for comments in the near future.

The paper is available from the AMCA web site at: