How about some cooperation?

We have been contacted by many amateurs calling for cooperation between RASA and the WIA over the callsign numeric issue. 

We also notice that the topic of RASA-WIA cooperation is front and centre on social media.

Well, we couldn’t agree more – we have reached out to the WIA on the callsign issue twice now, with no response.

As we have said many times, callsign numerals are an issue that impacts every single amateur

Of all the issues confronting VK amateur radio in 2021, this one should be above politics…but, it seems that the WIA board has to take a contrary position to RASA on every issue – to the detriment of all amateurs in this caseincluding their own members.

We suggest that the board listen to their members who, at the last AGM, called for cooperation with RASA.

RASA is ready to cooperate with the WIA for the good of the hobby.  The WIA needs to reciprocate.

Let’s put the politics aside, otherwise we will all suffer.