ACMA decides – no 60m amateur band

National efforts to gain secondary access to the 60m band have been unsuccessful.

On 7th December 2020, ACMA released their Decision.

“Submissions supporting Option 4, which opposed amateur use of the band, were received from the Department of Defence and 2 others.

Defence’s public submission did not support an allocation, on the basis that:
… this frequency band is already experiencing spectrum congestion, which adversely affects critical Defence capabilities. Therefore, Defence cannot accept further increase of spectrum congestion by the introduction of Amateur services.

The Department of Defence also provided non-public information to the ACMA to further support their position.”“In considering spectrum use, the ACMA considers the objects of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

This includes maximising the overall public benefit derived from the use of the radio spectrum and, of particular importance in this matter given Defence usage, making adequate provision for use by agencies involved in the defence or national security of Australia.”

In balancing the existing uses of the 5351.5–5366.5 kHz band against the impacts of introducing use by the amateur service, the ACMA has decided not to support amateur use in the band. “

In summary, Defense interests trump secondary access by the Amateur Radio sector.

You can read the full details here: