Your next endoscopy might use 70cm……

The ACMA are proposing to amend the 70cm Low Interference Potential Devices (LIPD) class licence to include the operation of endoscopy capsules in the frequency range 430–440 MHz.

At the moment, LIPDs are confined to 433.050-434.790 MHz.

ACMA propose to allow the new devices to operate over the entire 430-440 MHz frequency range, based on their very low power – 100 Nw – that is 0.0000001W.

The ACMA consultation paper says:

These ultra-low-power wireless medical capsule endoscopy transmitters are used for performing medical observation of the human gastrointestinal tract by swallowing a capsule camera and receiving obtained images by an external dedicated recorder receiver.

Medical endoscopy capsule transmitters would operate in the 430–440 MHz band and with maximum EIRP up to 100 nW.  This arrangement is proposed to be supplemented by a new Note 3, advising that transmitters complying with ETSI Standard EN 303 520 will meet the requirements for this item.


Given the very low power of the capsule transmitter and the attenuation provided by the human body, the possibility of interference is negligible.

A capsule is shown below – amazing technology.


The ACMA information on proposed changes may be found here: