Open Letter to the WIA

The WIA Board
The Wireless Institute of Australia
Unit 20, 11-13 Havelock Road
Victoria, 3153

Sent: via email to the WIA Board
CC: via email to the ACMA, the AMC
Published: RASA Website and News Media

An Open Letter

ACMA Consultation and the Future of Australian Amateur Radio

Australian Amateur Radio is currently undergoing a generational change that will impact AR now and well into the future.

The ACMA has indicated that it will continue to address the wider Australian Amateur Radio Community directly and is now awaiting the many submissions from their latest round of consultation.

The ACMA has, on several occasions, indicated their desire for both Australian Peak Bodies to work collaboratively as does the majority of the AR community.

Both the WIA and RASA Presidents received a positive response when they met jointly with the ACMA and the AMC who also saw this as a positive change for the future.

That’s worth repeating… both the ACMA and AMC want to see cooperation between the WIA and RASA. They want a sector wide approach to representation, not the “muskets at 20 paces” we see today.

The facts are:
● We get one chance to get this right;
● Currently the AR Community is fragmented, confused and some are panicked by or
indifferent to the proposed changes;
● We understand the Amateur Radio Sector’s relationships with the ACMA and AMC are not healthy. We also understand AR is considered an encumbrance by the ACMA (at times a nuisance);
● The ACMA do not have the resources of the past and today are focused on Spectrum Management;
● The ACMA has necessarily limited understanding of AR, it’s operation, purpose, culture etc; and,
● If the submissions sent to the ACMA don’t show unity from the AR Community, they will make our decisions for us.

The Class License is coming whether we like it or not. A truly united approach to the ACMA is the only way to ensure the best possible outcome for Amateur Radio.

Once again, we call on the board of the WIA to follow their President’s lead and join us at the table for the benefit of all Australian amateurs.


Paul Anslow
RASA President
On behalf of the Radio Amateur Society of Australia

16th of November 2022