International mis-representation

The WIA appear to have mislead the ARRL, RSGB, and others regarding the representation process for Amateur Radio in Australia.  

We note the WIA reported they met with ARRL, RSGB, DARC and IARU at the world’s largest Hamvention in Dayton, USA last week to discuss:
potential changes to our VK licencing structure, high power proposals, examination processes amongst many other things…. Early discussions were had about reciprocal licencing processes along with CEPT and HAREC compliance.

This WIA news release is simply misguided and sends the wrong messages to Australian amateurs and our equivalent bodies overseas.  Foreign representative bodies have no influence over VK policy or negotiation with the ACMA. 

As we’ve said many times, the WIA need to overcome their unwillingness to recognise RASA and, for the good of the hobby, sit down and agree how we can jointly liaise with Australia’s national regulator.

The WIA’s refusal to cooperate with RASA means that many enhancements to the hobby such as 1 kW and fee free licences under the proposed class licence are being delayed unnecessarily.

We speak informally with WIA President, Scott Williams VK3KJ, and we sense his frustration with the situation.  We understand Scott wants to cooperate with RASA, but it appears that he is being blocked by his board.

In the meantime, RASA continues to meet with ACMA and AMC to promote responsible policy outcomes as well as finding a pathway to work constructively with the WIA.

We welcome an open dialogue with the WIA and their President.