Election results 2021

A call for nominations was made to members via email on the 12th August 2021 with a request for nominations for (RASA) committee positions 2021-2022 to be received by the Returns Officer before 1700 AEST on the 17th August 2021.

Only one final nomination for each for the following positions was received before the due time and date:

President, Paul Anslow, VK2APA
Vice President, Robert (Bob) Bristow, VK6POP
Treasurer, Chris Chapman, VK3QB
General Secretary, Philip (Phil) Pavey, VK3VB
Admin Secretary, Ian Jackson, VK3BUF

Therefore, these above positions can be filled by the nominees without ballot.

I, Michael Van den Acker VK3GHM, as Returns Officer do here by declare that the above results are true and accurate record of the results as submitted by nominees.

M. H. Van den Acker VK3GHM
7th September, 2021 Berwick.