Here is the fortnightly bulletin of DX information for Australian DXers. Solar and ionospheric news, DX observations, announcements of DX activations, operating tips, and anything else that may be of interest to DXers in our part of the world may be found here. Reader’s observations and suggestions for content are welcome.

Propagation notes

Around the end of August, there was a slight lift in solar activity, but at the same time the Earth was affected by elevated solar wind from a coronal hole. This resulted in aurora at high latitudes, and some interesting propagation effects. For example, I was driving home one afternoon, listening to a group on 40 m, when I heard the distinct raspy sound of auroral scatter from a VK3 station. At this stage of the solar cycle, from central Victoria, I rarely hear VK3 stations on 40 m.

Around the bands

Forty metres continues to offer the most regular and reliable DX, with signals being heard from all over the world. From mid-afternoon, Europe may be heard on the long path. Later, North and South America, Pacific and Asia comes in on short path. From the early hours of the morning, Europe may be workable again on the short path.

At times, 20 and 30 m might follow a similar pattern to 40 m. Higher bands are mostly quiet, but some Asians may be heard on 15 m sometimes.

The Low Bands, 160 and 80 m are starting to show a bit of life again, with North America, Pacific and Asian stations starting to be heard again.

DX Heard or Worked

FG/HG0R has been active daily from Guadeloupe and workable on 80 and 40 m in the evenings. DU1IST/9 was active from Tawi Tawi Island OC-174. 3D2AG is active daily from Fiji on 160, 80 and 40 m.

Upcoming Activations of Interest

KH0/KW2X Mariana Is, 12 – 18 September. JG7PSJ will be active from Saipan (OC-086) on 40 – 10 m, CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via LotW, or JG7PSJ direct.

T32AH East Kiribati, 12 September – 1 October. DL2AH will be active from Christmas Island (OC-024) on 80 – 10 m, SSB, FT8 and RTTY. QSL via DL2AH.

3W9JK Vietnam, 15 – 27 September. SP5APW will be active from Cham Island (AS-162) from 15 – 22 September as 3W9JK/p, and from Hoi An, on 20 – 6 m, SSB. QSL via SP5APW or Club Log.

3DA0AO eSwatini, 16 – 28 September. HA5AO will be active from the former Swaziland on 80 – 10 m, CW, RTTY, FT8, and some SSB. QSL via LotW, OQRS or HA5AO direct.

VK0HZ Davis Antarctic Base

Matt VK5HZ advises he will be commencing at Davis Base late this year and for most of 2019. He hopes to get some time on air while he is there. This is not a DXpedition, but just some activity in his spare time. Matt plans some SSB and digital modes activity. More details to follow as he gets his gear together.


Luke VK3HJ