New callsign template from 30th July 2020

As discussed here, ACMA have implemented a new callsign template for Australian amateurs.

The purpose of this page is to summarise the changes.

The template has been developed by ACMA and the AMC primarily to implement the changes to the LCD from 2019 – to provide 3 letter suffix callsigns for FL so they can fully utilise digital modes.

There are no changes to operating privileges (power, frequencies, etc).

Key points

  • No new VKnFxxx callsigns will be issued
  • Two-letter suffixes remain for Advanced licencees only
  • New 2 x 1 contest callsigns for Advanced and club stations – see here
  • VKnRxx remain for repeaters and beacons only
  • Any three-letter suffix (apart from R) is available for any licence class:

VK4ABC may be FL,  VK3ABC may be Standard

  • When applying for a new callsign the state/territory numeric still applies
  • However, there is no longer a requirement to obtain a new callsign when you move interstate

E.g. Your callsign is VK1XX, and you move from ACT to QLD.  You must notify ACMA of your new postal address but can retain VK1XX and do not need to sign /portable.

Very useful quick callsign lookup tool:

When applying for a callsign visit this page:

Frequently asked questions

Q: I like my Fxxx callsign – do I have to change it?

A: No – change only applies to new callsigns

Q: I have upgraded to Standard from FL  – can I continue to use my Fxxx callsign?

A: No – you must change to a new 3 letter callsign

Q: I have an old “standard” callsign (i.e. VK4NBC) – I would like to change it

A: You have to apply to AMC and pay the fees.

Q: Can I convert my Fxxx callsign by just removing the F?

A: No – you need to apply via AMC for a new callsign

If you are requesting a transfer of callsign (e.g. from a 4-letter to 3-letter call), tick the “Variation to an existing service” box on the ACMA form. 

This will transfer your callsign allocation rather than create a new one as well as saving you some money.