Callsign numeric identifiers

ACMA have advised that there is no regulatory requirement for an amateur to obtain (and use) a new callsign when they move interstate – the only requirement is that they transmit using a callsign as per the LCD requirement.

As discussed here, RASA conducted a survey on the issue – 71% were in favour of the current arrangements.

ACMA have confirmed that their decision stands – amateurs moving permanently interstate are only required to update their address details to ACMA: they are not required to change their callsign.

Two scenarios:

1. You are portable … sign/P – typically this can remain valid for up to 90 days. e.g. VK8XXX portable 2.
2. You move state permanently to NSW from Darwin (for example). You notify ACMA of the new address but DO NOT need to change callsign. You do not need to sign /P/2, as you are not portable e.g. VK8XXX now living in NSW.

No need to sign /portable, unless you are operating away from your home station.

NOTE – this does not effect new callsigns – the AMC are required to issue a callsign based on location – i.e. the present system.