Callsign numeric identifier survey results

As advised a couple of weeks ago on he WIA News, WIA Director Mike VK8MA reported that you can take your callsign with you when you move State/Territory.  ACMA have confirmed that there is indeed, no regulatory requirement to obtain a new callsign when you relocate.

E.g. a VK8 station can move to VK2 permanently and retain his/her VK8 callsign.

So what, you may ask?

Well, we’ve been following a State/Territory based callsign “numeric” for about 90 years.  Everyone in VK, and indeed, around the world, understands how it works.  Awards and contests are structured around our existing arrangements.  But is this adequate reason to continue with the tradition?

You can read the details here.

We received quite a bit of feedback from amateurs raising concerns over this situation, so we decided to run a survey to get your perspective.

The survey opened on the 22nd March and reached statistical significance (376 responses) quite quickly.  We closed the survey on the 2nd April with 403 responses.  

The majority of Australian amateurs (71%) want to see the State/Territory numeric identifier retained. i.e. if you move to a different State/Territory you need to get a new callsign.

The results are detailed in the tables below. We will pass the results on to ACMA and seek a review of their decision.