RASA writes to ACMA re French 2m proposal

As we discussed here, France have proposed that the bottom 2 MHz of the 2m band (144-146 MHz) be included in a list of bands to be studied for possible use by the aeronautical mobile service (i.e. aircraft) for non-safety related data communications, worldwide.

RASA wrote to ACMA today to express our opposition to the proposal.

If the European Government Radio Regulators clear the proposal through their umbrella organisation (CEPT) in August, it will go forward to the World Radio Conference in October.

The amateur service is Primary 144-146 MHz across all regions and has been so for many years.  The band is very popular worldwide: it is used extensively for terrestrial and satellite communications. 

There are hundreds of thousands of amateur stations using 144-146 MHz across all regions.  Given this huge base of installed equipment and the VHF range achievable from commercial aircraft, it is very difficult to see how any sharing with and protection of amateur communications could be achieved.

RASA have requested that, if the French proposal goes forward to the Conference, the formal Australian position be to oppose it.

Only ITU members – “administrations” in ITU speak – (i.e. countries) can stop the proposal at the Conference. 

We have also written to the RSGB, the ARRL, the SARL and NZART expressing our opposition to the proposal and (in the case of RSGB and SARL) supporting their position.

However, it is disappointing to note that the WIA have not replied to our letter requesting a joint submission to the ACMA.

As we pointed out, this is an issue above petty AR politics….