National six metre initiative

As a part of our continued commitment to promoting the hobby and encouraging amateurs to get involved in new challenges, RASA is launching a six metre activity program.
At the centre of this program is a survey seeking your views.  Today, Standard Licencees have access to only the top 2MHz of six metres (52-54MHz).  This anomaly serves no real purpose. 
We have completed our on-line survey and the results are in. 71% of respondents agree that Standard class amateurs should have access to 50-54 MHz.

See the full results here:
More broadly, we working to achieve the following:

  • lobbying the ACMA to obtain all of six metres for Standard Licence Operators;
  • promoting activity on six metres; the magic band;
  • experimentation with digital modes (WSPR);
  • kit building (WSPR beacons);
  • learning about propagation; and
  • providing a propagation tool for people to get on-air when they see openings.  VHF also offers the opportunity to work with smaller antennas and exciting band openings.

If you haven’t checked out WSPR, have a look here.

Over the next few months, we’ll publish articles to support the program.  

We’ll also use social media to promote six metres, WSPR and notify followers of six metre openings.

So, get on-board.  If you haven’t yet tried 6m or WSPR, join in the fun and try something new.  We’ll include tech-topics related to this project in coming bulletins.