Two 5 MHz voice channels are available for national use by WICEN.

They can be used by WICEN members for exercises or training, but there are some caveats…..

These channels are commercial land mobile allocations – they are not amateur allocations – normal commercial land mobile rules and procedures apply.

Both channels are shared with commercial users.  ACMA have assigned channels with a large geographic separation between users.  One channel is used in Far North Queensland, and the other in Western NSW.


The channels are intended to be used by WICEN members, for either operations or training.  General use by amateurs is not permitted.  ACMA have agreed to waive the licence fees on the basis of WICEN use.

Type approved equipment only

Only ACMA type approved land mobile equipment (i.e. Barrett, Codan, commercial Icom, etc.) can be used.


In line with normal commercial arrangements, only USB voice mode is to be used.

Commercial land mobile selcall systems may also be used.


The ACMA assigned callsigns are AXF404 and AXF405.  Amateur callsigns are not to be used.

However, WICEN type callsigns may also be used – i.e. base, mobile 1, control, etc.

Frequencies and areas of use

The following two channels have been allocated – frequencies are listed as suppressed carrier (dial).

The table also lists the other commercial users locations.

Freq USB Callsign Commercial users at
5102 AXF404 Cooktown Qld
5355 AXF405 Dubbo NSW

Please avoid interference to commercial users if possible.

VK2WI broadcast

VK2WI runs a 5 MHz channel on their Sunday broadcast:  5425 kHz USB.