WIA and RASA Support of the AX Prefix

It has been reported that a small but loud subsection of the community, encouraged by a faction from within the WIA Board are claiming that the use of the AX Prefix is not supported by the WIA.

In the interests of transparency, we provide the email trail below which demonstrates the WIA President is an enthusiastic supporter of this proposal.  We understand that this small faction within Scott’s board are working to undermine his attempts at cooperation between RASA, AMC and the ACMA.

We will have more news about this issue in the next few weeks.

(ACMA Officers’ details have been redacted)

From: —– <—–@acma.gov.au>
Sent: 16 September 2022 2:22 PM
To: Scott – VK3KJ <scott@vk3kj.com.au>; Paul Anslow <president@vkradioamateurs.org>
Cc: Scott.Williams@board.wia.org.au <Scott.Williams@board.wia.org.au>; —– <—–@acma.gov.au>; —– <—–@acma.gov.au>
Subject: RE: Request [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Hi Paul and Scott,

Thanks for your request in relation to the use of the AX prefix. The Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Determination 2015 limits the use of the AX prefix on three specific days: 26 January, 25 April and 17 May. The ACMA does not have discretion to authorise the use of the AX prefix on any other days.

However, noting the significance of the event to which your request refers, and the desire of RASA and the WIA to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II by using the AX prefix, it is our view that compliance action for the use of the AX prefix for the period requested would not be a priority for the ACMA.

For your information, the consultation paper on the updated draft amateur class licence call foreshadowed in the FYSO 2022-27 for Q3 2022 release will include our proposed approach to various call sign matters, including call sign protocols. We encourage both WIA and RASA to make a submission that addresses matters, such as call sign protocols, that might be more suitably managed by the amateur community.





Australian Communications and Media Authority
T +61 3 —–
E —–@acma.gov.au


The ACMA acknowledges the traditional owners of country

throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land,

culture and community. We pay our respects to elders past,

present and future.

From: Scott – VK3KJ <scott@vk3kj.com.au>
Sent: Friday, 16 September 2022 9:34 AM
To: Paul Anslow <president@vkradioamateurs.org>
Cc: —– <——@acma.gov.au>; Scott.Williams@board.wia.org.au
Subject: Re: Request

Hi —–,

The WIA would also strongly support this proposal if it could be considered and think it is very appropriate given the circumstances. 

Kind Regards


WIA President 


On 16 Sep 2022, at 9:10 am, Paul Anslow <president@vkradioamateurs.org> wrote:

Dear —–,

Please find attached a letter of request.

Best Regards,

Paul Anslow VK2APA
RASA President

Mr —————



Australian Communications and Media Authority

Via email: ———@acma.gov.au

cc: Mr. Scott Williams Scott.Williams@board.wia.org.au

Dear ——,

Amateur Radio has a long history of acknowledging important national and international events. In Australia the use of the AX prefix has been restricted to events of national significance and is codified in the LCD.

We understand the ACMA has discretion and, as such, on behalf of Australian Amateurs we request that ACMA grant the use of the AX prefix for the week commencing Monday 19th September to commemorate the life and service of Queen Elizabeth II.

I understand this is short notice, but I appreciate your consideration of this request. Should this not be appropriate, we’d ask the blanket approval of the VI prefix.

There is strong support from the amateur community to recognise the service and life of Queen Elizabeth II, and I’m sure the ACMA would be responsive to this request.

I’d be pleased to answer any questions you have and will give you a call today.


Paul Anslow


RASA President

On behalf of the Radio Amateur Society of Australia