Regulations and 2×1 Contest Callsigns

Regulations and the use of 2×1 Contest Callsigns

There has been some confusion in the VK community regarding the RASA DX Contest and the use of 2×1 Contest Callsigns.  Some operators have been bullied and harassed over their use of the 2×1 contest callsigns.

RASA was instrumental in negotiating and gaining approval from the ACMA for 2×1 contest callsigns.  We have maintained a close working relationship with the ACMA and AMC throughout the implementation of these callsigns.

Unfortunately, someone in the amateur community chose to formalise a complaint with the ACMA over the use of 2×1 contest callsigns in the RASA Contest.  Following a preliminary enquiry by the ACMA, we understand they have decided not to investigate the matter further. 

RASA has reviewed the complaint and sought further clarification from the ACMA’s web site. 

Information from the ACMA web site has confirmed our understanding that there are no regulatory restrictions governing amateur radio contesting and the use of 2×1 contest callsigns. 

The ACMA advise that ”In general, the ACMA’s position is that non-regulatory administrative policy  (the management of aspects of amateur radio that are not related directly to a statutory function) should be guided by the consensus view within the ramateur radio community.”

So, in a nutshell…  those of you with a 2×1 contest callsign are welcome to use it in any contest.  Let’s hope this puts the matter to bed and we can all get on with enjoying the hobby.