RASA survey method

RASA provides the following details regarding the survey method. 

RASA used the Survey Monkey online survey tool.  The survey was made available online to all Australian amateurs with internet access.  We did not target specific interest groups. 

Links to the survey were provided on our website, Bulletins distributed to clubs and members via email and were also made available on various Facebook pages. 

The survey was also advertised on the very popular vkclassifieds website during June.  The only requirement was that respondents needed to have internet access.

We utilised statistical theory and on-line calculators to determine our survey size.


We used the following metrics.

  • Population size: 14,000 (probably too large given many amateurs are not active, and many don’t really care about the hobby enough to take an interest).
  • Margin of error: 5%
  • Confidence Level: 95%
  • Recommended sample size: 374 (actual number of respondents was 377)

The survey was conducted between 2nd June and 25th June 2019.  We concluded the survey once the recommended sample size was reached.

The results presented in this paper reflect the opinions of the broad community within the specifications provided above.