Can you help with 60m?

As we’re all spending more time on the radio, now is the time to perhaps try listening on 60m.  RASA is preparing for ACMA’s review of the LCD, and we’re starting to listen to what 60m signals are being heard here in VK, and the potential for interference to Primary users.

Just a reminder.  Amateur Radio is a Secondary Service on 60m.  This means we are Secondary to Primary (commercial) users, and we must not interfere with them.

Most modern transceivers have a general coverage receiver.  If you’re interested, please spend some time listening on the 60m band:

5351kHz – 5365kHz

We’re especially interested in logs covering day-light hours, but the hours of darkness will also give us an insight into current 60m propagation conditions.  Send us a log of any signals you hear to 

If you have any questions, please send us an email to the same address.

Link to excel 60m monitoring log template: