60 metre update

Thanks to all of you who responded to our request (https://vkradioamateurs.org/60m-monitoring-log-template/) and uploaded 60m monitoring logs. 

We received 49 quite detailed logs.  These logs, along with our own monitoring, have helped us build a picture of 60 metre activity during daylight and evening hours from the east and west coasts of Australia.

European and US amateur stations are regularly heard on FT8 and CW at dusk and into the evening.

The band is generally quiet during daylight hours, with the exception of Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) soundings on one commercial channel in NSW.  Of course, whether or not a commercial channel is busy is immaterial – the band is allocated to commercial services, and amateurs are secondary.

ACMA have produced an options paper on amateur use of 60m.  It may be downloaded from the ACMA website at:  https://www.acma.gov.au/consultations/2020-05/possible-use-53515-53665-khz-band-amateur-service-consultation-132020

ACMA are calling for comments on the paper.  These close on 19th June.

RASA will be submitting a considered response to the ACMA paper.

We believe that sharing is possible on 60m between amateurs and commercial services.

We will publish our response once submitted.