160 and 40m band plan update

We discussed the need for revisions to the 160 and 40m band plans here: https://vkradioamateurs.org/rasa-160-and-40m-band-plan-review/

In a spirit of cooperation, the WIA circulated the proposed RASA changes to its members via AR Magazine. No comments were received. The chair of the WIA technical committee, John Martin, enthusiastically supported the changes.

Accordingly, the RASA changes to the bandplan have now been adopted, as follows:

1840-1843 (USB) – digital

7074-7080 (USB) – digital

The recommended WICEN frequency to be shifted to either above 7100 or to 7074 (LSB)

RASA thanks the WIA, particularly John Martin VK3KM and Grant Willis VK5GR, for their support.