2 x 1 contest callsigns

14 October 2021

AMC have provided an update on the launch of the 2×1 callsigns yesterday: 

Apart from some initial minor technical issues experienced at the 10am launch which were quickly resolved within the hour, the system has been fully operational with applications continuing to flow through.  Currently there are approximately 115 applications awaiting processing.

If applicants preferred callsign did not appear as available yesterday but is appearing on the Publicly Available List today (14th October), they should email their details the office amc.ar@utas.edu.au .

Note:  this offer to change is only valid until 5 pm  Friday 15th October 2021. 


RASA is pleased to report that ACMA have authorised issue of 2×1 contest callsigns from 13th October. 

This was announced by ACMA on Friday 8th October 2020 (see below).

The callsign template comprises VK$A-Z, VJ$A-Z and VL$A-Z, where $ is the call area.

RASA have been working on this initiative for two and a half years.  A summary follows:

  • November 2018 – RASA commenced work on the Contest Callsign initiative
  • December 2018 – RASA meets with ACMA and gains preliminary support for the concept
  • January 2019 – RASA convenes a cross-sector committee (RASA, WIA and VK Contest Club members) to investigate and formulate a proposal
  • June 2019 – Committee finalises its work, and recommends that 2×1 callsigns be issued
  • July 2019 – RASA commences negotiations with ACMA
  • October 2021 – ACMA and AMC release new callsigns for use, with block expanded to VJ, VK and VL prefixes.

Amateurs holding Advanced Certificates of Proficiency and clubs will be able to apply for these callsigns from 13 October 2021.

Whilst the period of negotiation may appear extended, the inclusion of 2×1 Contest Callsigns was wound into a broader review including changes to the Foundation Licence (i.e. Digital modes, ability to construct equipment and 3-letter callsigns).

Delays between July 2020 and October were caused by Covid-19 and additional workload as a result of 3-letter callsigns for FL.

RASA thanks the ACMA for their professional approach to this process and ultimate decision to release this new block of callsigns. 

The decision to expand the 2 x 1 block to the VJ, VK and VL prefixes means that the callsigns will be available to many more amateurs, including FLs and Standards via a club station.

Finally, none of this would have been possible without the dedication and cooperation of the 2×1 Contest Callsign Committee.

RASA extends our thanks to all participants who worked with us to make this happen – a great result for Amateur Radio in Australia.

ACMA announcement:

We recently conducted a survey seeking the views of the amateur radio community on allocation arrangements for 2×1 callsigns. We received 415 responses, and thank everybody who contributed. A summary of the results can be found below.

After considering the feedback from the survey, the ACMA has recommended to the AMC that it starts allocating 2×1 callsigns based on the following arrangements:

  • The AMC will manage the allocation of the 2×1 callsigns on behalf of the ACMA.
  • The callsign template comprises VK$A-Z, VJ$A-Z and VL$A-Z.
  • Callsigns are:
    • issued exclusively for amateur radio contests
    • limited to amateur radio clubs and holders of an Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency – Advanced
    • limited to one 2×1 call sign per licenced station – not including repeater or beacon licences.
  • Successful 2×1 callsign applicants are not required to obtain a new licence or vary an existing licence.
  • 2×1 callsigns will be issued for a period of 12 months.
  • Callsigns will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The allocation process will commence at 10 am, 13 October 2021.