Why have you started this organisation?

There is a void in representative services for all Australian Radio Amateurs.  We aim to more thoroughly investigate and pursue regulatory matters related to the hobby of Amateur Radio.

We intend to represent the 70% of Australian amateurs who are not currently members of any representative organisation, but of course any Australian Amateur Radio Operator is welcome to join.

We will invite both individuals and Clubs to put forward their ideas for the future of Amateur radio, test these ideas for
broad consensus and viability and make serious representations on behalf of all Amateurs in a timely way.

Above all, we want your feedback.

Doesn't the WIA provide these services?

The WIA does not offer the in-depth investigative or representative services we provide.

We are results focused and conduct considerable research relating to the administration, management and regulation of the hobby.

Why are you offering services for free?

We are a modern, internet based volunteer organisation with very low running costs.  For our first year of operation we intend to provide these services free of charge.

During the first year of operation we will publish our budget.  We aim to keep the fee as low as possible for the second and subsequent years – as an indication, between $5-10 per year.

All members of the RASA administration are serving in a voluntary, unpaid capacity.  Any revenue collected by RASA will be used solely to further
the listed aims of the organisation, namely the representation and promotion of Amateur Radio in Australia.

What issues will you be addressing in your first year of operation?

We aim to strengthen the relationship between all Australian Radio Amateurs and the regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

We will be publishing a series of educational and informative news articles to help Radio Amateurs better understand the regulatory environment.

We will be liaising on a number of outstanding matters with the ACMA and we aim to lobby for real improvements to privileges within 6 months.

Is RASA only for well established Amateur Operators?

Whether you are just thinking about becoming an Amateur operator, have recently become one or have been in the hobby for many years, RASA
wants to listen to your story and provide you with quality representation.

As much of the legislation involving the hobby is directed to entry level licensing and conditions, it makes sense to join RASA early in order to learn more details about the hobby and to have an opportunity to be heard..

How will you communicate?

We will communicate by email and Facebook.  We anticipate also issuing News Releases from time to time which will be made available to various news services and clubs.

I don't use Facebook!

Fair enough - lots of people don't use Facebook (and you can often see why...).

Website and Facebook activity will run in parallel - non-Facebook users will have access to all information and discussions, etc.

What is your structure?

The RASA is currently running in start up mode, and as such is operating as an unincorporated club.

The name is registered with ASIC, through a company owned by one of our founders. This was done solely for simplification and cost reduction.

We intend to incorporate within 6 months.