“CQ CQ Contest, this is VK1A, VK1A calling CQ contest….  That’s right, VK1-ALPHA.”

As recently reported, RASA met with the ACMA and discussed several topics.  One topic that received positive feedback was the possibility of 2*1 Contest Callsigns.  You can read more about the meeting here




Since that meeting, RASA has canvassed VK amateurs for feedback and ideas on how such a policy would be implemented equitably, given the rarity of these callsigns, especially in VK2 and VK3.

We’ve received great feedback to date. To ensure full participation of the VK community, we’re appointing a sub-committee to review the options and make a recommendation.  If you believe you have suitable experience and the right qualities to be a part of this sub-committee, please drop us an email with your details and experience.

Applications close Friday 11th January 2019.  Send your application to info@vkradioamateurs.org

Update – we will be announcing the committee shortly.