Assessors – the AMC wants to hear from you.

The Australian Maritime College (AMC), as the new provider of Assessment and Callsign management services, has now received from the ACMA an extensive list of Nominated Assessors, Assessors and Learning Facilitators who assisted the previous provider.

The College wants as many as possible of these individuals to continue participating in the assessment process and welcomes them to become part of the new organisation. 

The AMC wish to assure everyone that fundamentally the process will remain the same.  There are no changes in the syllabus or assessment requirements.

If you are a previous assessor/facilitator and have concerns about whether or not you have been recorded onto the AMC database, then please email  

The AMC will be providing information on the dates of assessment resumption and how to obtain question packs and other information required to run assessments under the umbrella of the College as soon as practicable.

Update – the AMC has a website up at :


Andrew Smith VK6AS and Glenn Dunstan VK4DU, Advisors to the AMC